Verdict: Chicory good or bad? and all about it

What is Chicory?

Chicory is a root of the endive plant, a type of bitter lettuce. When roasted and ground, chicory root resembles coffee.

When ground and brewed it looks and tastes something like coffee, feels more creamy to the palate, but is caffeine-free, less expensive, and doesn’t contain the volatile oils.

Chicory in Coffee
  • In recent times, it’s believed to have originated in the 1800s in France during a massive coffee shortage. (ref 1)
  • Coffee is also made in parts of the world, by using just chicory and not a trace of coffee; called Chicory Coffee.
  • In India, Chicory is a major component in every traditional coffee, especially the filter coffee.
  • The chicory usually makes up anywhere from 25 to 40% of the coffee-chicory mix in the Indian markets.
  • Of course, in India, pure 100% coffee is also available in ground or instant forms.
Chicory Health Benefits
  • Medicinal use of chicory root dates back to ancient Egyptians and it has been used to treat everything from pulmonary disease or tuberculosis to cancer, cough, or wounds (ref 2).
  • Most of these are traditionally known benefits. As with many diets or traditional methods, many of these benefits are not yet scientifically proved.
    • Aids in bowel movements
    • Control blood sugar
    • Regulate appetite
    • Helps treat arthritis
    • Rejuvenates skin
    • Reduce stress
    • Liver & kidney health
Chicory Harms & Side Effects.
  • To avoid and check with the doctor whether acceptable as Chicory is found to cause issues
    • During Pregnancy And Breastfeeding
    • To people with Gallstones
  • Causes allergies in some individuals
Verdict: Is Chicory good or bad?
  • Chicory is good (beneficial to health) while with some minor side effects that are not overly bad.
    • There are a good number of health benefits to health and this is known to have been in use for medicinal purposes for over four thousand years.
    • The side effects are not serious, nor very harming but can upset health to some extent in some conditions or to some people.
    • With these findings, I would comfortably enjoy a Chicory filled filter coffee without worrying if Chicory is good or bad.
Verdict: Coffee or Chicory?
  • Both are good, in moderation.
  • Both serve different dietary needs though they taste somewhat the same.
  • Though both of these taste very similar to one another and leave such a feel to the palate, their effects are different, especially on the brain & the mood.

” both coffee and chicory root have health-boosting qualities. “Both have some anti-inflammatory capabilities and may help control appetite and decrease blood sugar,” says Dr. Axe. “Depending on the person, chicory may help improve digestive function and coffee may help improve energy, focus, mood, and cognitive health.” (ref 3)

  • As a coffee drinker myself, I find it difficult to replace coffee with Chicory as I drink coffee for the stimulus and energetic mood.
  • Yet, I would also replace a cup or two of my 100% pure coffee with Chicory blended coffee so I can cut down on my caffeine intake.
  • And for those drinking Chicory blended Coffee or pure Chicory-Coffee (there’s no coffee in it, it’s a misnomer), they are just fine and do not need to switch to Coffee or blend some coffee in it.