10 reasons you may not be getting results from fitness routines

Only pain, but no gain!

These points might be helpful if you think your exercise routines aren’t giving you the results you expected.   Check out the below, give each of them a few moments and think whether you are

  1. Going on your own – better results come with proven methods or with instructors.  Later on, you can do it on your own.
  2. Lacking the intensity
  3. Rushing through repetitions
  4. Not giving your full potential at the workout, keep the phone away
  5. Incorrect priorities and going for muscle right away
  6. You Stop When It Hurts – you need to push the limits every day
  7. Overdoing or underdoing the exercises and weights
  8. Not eating right
  9. Not tracking progress
  10. Of course, missing out your gym days

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