Top 10 things to know for caring Pet Dogs in Winter

  1. Some Dog breeds are blessed with thick fur to protect themselves from the cold,  but dogs with thin coats or hair require sweaters in cold. Still, It’s better not to take these thin hair dogs out in cold temperatures.
  2. If the dog feels the cold, try to walk her in the late mornings or early afternoon to receive some sunshine. Sunshine carries Vitamin-D which is good for both the owner and the dog.
  3. Avoid leaving the dogs outdoor for a prolonged time in winter, if she needs any exercise or fun do it indoor only.
  4. Don’t let the dog sleep on a cold floor in winter, arrange warm blankets and beds for a snug feeling. Arrange these things in the same place where it is habituated to sleep every day.
  5. Dogs tend to seek heat during winter,  so make sure that they are not moving closer to any heat sources like fireplaces and heaters.
  6. Moisturize their body with coconut oil to prevent their skin to become dry and flaky and also from cracking.
  7. Dogs can dehydrate in winter. Owners should ensure that they have access to water easily, and break the ices in her water bowl if formed.
  8. Dry the dog thoroughly after bathing before letting it go outside.
  9. As humans tend to develop foot cracks dogs also suffer from cracked paws, if the dog has furry feet, trim the hair that grows between her pads to prevent ice buildup between the pads.
  10. Never leave your dog unattended in the car in any season, if the car is in the garage with the dog inside it may prone to catch carbon monoxide released from the garage.

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